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The Lost Pleiad DIA - @DownshiftingPRO©2014

To celebrate my birthday my husband took me to the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I have wanted to go for a while now but I have to day, I regret not going sooner.  It is spectacular.  I’ll write a longer review soon but this is just some of the beautiful art that we saw there.


Diego Rivera – Detroit Industry – North and South Walls – Detroit Institute of Arts

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      Jenna, where are you from? I have to admit, I lived in Paris for one year, many, many years ago and that is where I grew to love museums. I hope you can visit a few next time you travel.

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      Aisha, I have to admit, I was not keen on going to Detroit for my birthday but I was so very wrong. It was a great way to celebrate. Next time I have to get a Conney Island hot dog… (yes, apparently they are famous in Detroit and not just NYC).

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      I am very lucky in that my husband enjoys museum as much as I do. Our kids are the same. Maybe its in our genes??? Who knows, they are not for everyone… I get that. But go even by yourself.

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      Rena, I’ve lived in London for 15 years now. I have been to the Art Institute of Chicago about 7 times… that is 8 hours away. I cannot believe this museum was 2 hours away and I just went last month. Shame on me. Do go if you can.

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      Ann it is worth it. Come and see me in London and then we’ll hop over to Detroit for the day. I may see you more now that my DD is going to University of Ottawa. Thanks for dropping by :)

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    I took the two youngest kids there when hubby and the second oldest boy went to a ball game (Lions) up the road. It was really, really fantastic. My favorite pictures were with The Thinker replica outside. :)

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      Oh… I did not see that replica… Mind you, I’ve seen the real thing in the Rodin Museum in Paris but I would still think that would be awesome. We only got partly through the museum. Will be going back for sure.

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      Everyone should go to the Rodin. It is really amazing. How he made those bronze sculptures, in such detail. It is located in an old, stoic home. The gardens with all the sculptures is amazing. Always a good reason to return to Paris.

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      The thing about art is you can stare at it for hours and see different things. I really enjoy the audio tours that help you understand what the painting is all about. Truly, a very helpful tool. Well worth the $3 extra that we paid.

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