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Our son is a great kid.  He is funny (or so he thinks), he is polite (so I’m told), he is obsessed with video games (so I see) and he is gifted (so he tested).  But he is no Genius… that is o.k. with us because if he got any smarter he would be in university and I am not ready for that yet.

HOW TO BE A MATH GENIUSOne thing that he has always loved is science books.  The whole DK Eyewitness series (over 100 in the children’s section) has always fascinated him and he has spent hours upon hours surveying the pictures, the facts, the abundant information.  His sisters often think that the details are trivial but to him,  its not trivial at all but oh so very interesting and he shares a lot with us at the dinner table. 

When I was offered the opportunity to review How to be a Math Genius  from DK Canada I was happy to oblige… let me correct myself, he was happy to oblige.  The book is divided up into different topics: Math Brain, Inventing Numbers, Magic Numbers, Shapes & Space and World of Math. 

I like that it the World of Math  section covers mapping, probability, logic puzzles and paradoxes, breaking codes and algebra.  How great is it for a 13 year old boy to understand the origins of cryptic code and how to decipher it?  This book is all about learning math – not always a riveting topic for kids to enjoy.  The reason this book is fun is because it introduces these concepts in bite-size lessons.  It is more of an explanation (or illustration) of math and how it is incorporated into our everyday lives.

DKCanada_Book Review_DownshiftingPRO_Math Genius_1How to be a Math Genius – Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It is packed with math activities and puzzles, compelling stories of math geniuses, math facts and stats, and more.  It is colourful and the illustrations are straight forward.

How to be a Math Genius makes the dreaded subject of math both engaging and relevant.

An additional Book series is How to be a Genius: Your Brain and How to Train It is available in paperback and for a whopping $9.99 is at a great price.


How to be a Genius reveals the magical and mysterious world of the brain. With facts, puzzles, brain teasers, optical illusions, and other brain training activities, readers will unlock their true intellectual power. How to be a Genius explores the physiology, anatomy, and evolution of the brain and then teaches innovative brain stimulating exercises. Covering all aspects of brain activity, from perception and problem solving, to memory, language, and creativity, readers will learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of the brain. The book also features activities including sports, magic, playing cards, and computer games. Readers will enjoy employing their creativity with this hands-on guide to the mind filled with wonderful knowledge and great activities to boost brainpower. From DK Canada Website

If you find that sometimes you need to help your kids with problem solving, you might find Help Your Kids with Math very useful.  I Know that there are times when I have NO IDEA how to explain something, this books will help you illustrate math concepts and step-by-step problem solving skills.  What a great way to help your kids learn!

With the school year a short four weeks away, this is the perfect opportunity to get back into the routine of school.  Make it fun.  Take a bit of time each day to review math problems so that your child is ready for a fall start without stumbling.


Help Your Kids with Math Studying math is often a source of great anxiety for children and also proves troublesome for parents helping with their homework.  Using uniquely accessible illustrated stress-free approach, Help Your Kids with Math looks at every aspect of math, from simple sums to simultaneous equations, and explains each facet in easily understandable language so that adults and kids can master the subject together.

In Help Your Kids with Math tricky concepts are explored and examined step-by-step, so that even the most math-phobic individual will be able to approach and solve complex problems with confidence.

2014 National Parenting Publications Silver Award Winner

You too can win a copy of Math Genius and Help Your Kids with Math by entering below.  Contest ends at 6 pm EST, August 24th at 11:59 pm 2014 so GO…GO…GO…


For a limited time, you too can save 30%on Math Books.  You can go to the DK Website for more information.


You can find DK Canada on Twitter @DKCanada

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Disclosure:  I received these books from DK Canada for review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own and my son’s and I am happy to pass them along.  Thanks for dropping by.

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    I loved math, but I hated writing out all the steps. I did find that when I got into high school Vectors were a huge weakness though.

  2. says

    Oh yeah, and I didn’t like when teachers would assign pages and pages of homework. Hopefully that will be different for when my daughter starts school.

  3. says

    Yes I had problems with Math at school. Generally word problems and division. I love DK Books and this would come in really handy. Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  4. says

    Yes, I had a lot of problems with math in school. Basic math was fine, but when it got to anything trickier that needed formulas or was more abstract I was (and still am) lost.

  5. says

    As a child, I loved math,
    When I was in grade 9 I got honours in math,
    Then in grade 10 I failed miserably and was told girls don’t need math – stick to languages.
    Later after teaching myself math using college modules during my first pregnancy, I scored 99% on the math entrance exam to Programmable Logic Control Systems
    The highest score ever achieved on the entrance exam!
    They made me do the exam again – I scored 99.5% LOL