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Who doesn’t everyone want a new TV?  I know my husband is pinning for a new TV as our current one is full of scratches from our dog trying to attack another dog … because she thinks they are real.  To say the least the picture quality could be better and we are now considering getting another TV.

With technology advancing at the speed of light, there is no telling what is around the corner.  Right?  WRONG my friends, we now know exactly what is around the corner and its called 4K TV.

What is 4K TV?

What HDTV was to standard TV, 4K is to HDTV.  What that means is the change that you saw when you went from an ordinary TV screen to the high definition of a HD picture was very distinct.  With 4K you are now looking at 4 times the high definition of a HDTV.  4K TVs (also known as UHD TVs) deliver four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD, that’s eight million pixels compared to two million pixels.

Welcome to the new world of ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION.  It is a world that we will be entertaining in the very near future with images captured on smartphones, tablets, computer monitors and video games as well as TV and movies all being captured in a 4K world.

It is the technology of tomorrow and here today.  You can see what this new technology will look like at Best Buy. You will be able to see 4K TV demonstrations at 50 select Best Buy Stores in the US from August 9th to November 1, 2014.

Experience and learn about Ultra HD TV Every Saturday 11am-3pm

August 9 – November 1 with experts from LG, Samsung and Sony

Best Buy’s 4K Ultra HD TV’s will bring you:

Stunning Resolution:

Get four times the picture resolution of Full HD 1080p.  The increased pixel allows you to sit very close for a fully immersive experience.

Experiences That Feel Real:

Experiences that feel breathtakingly lifelike with amazing level of detail

Better Picture For Everything:

4K Ultra HD improves the quality of all current movie & TV shows to gorgeous nearly 4k Ultra HD quality

Content is coming as Sony has introduced a 4K Ultra HD Media Player that comes loaded with free 4K content plus, you can download more than 200 4k films.  Find out more about it at Bestbuy.Com/SonyExperience

Make sure to visit a store near you to experience and learn about Ultra HD TV every Saturday 11am – 3pm and enter for a chance to win your own 55” Ultra HD TV (includes installation & Geek Squad Protection)!  Go to for more information.

Click to Find Out How YOU Can Win a 4K TV


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    My fave is the Samsung curved 4K TV – if you ever see that TV, you’ll never want to leave it, LOL. Also, it allows two people to watch two different shows (or one show and a gamer) simultaneously, which TheHubs and I *need* like air, heh. 😀