WordlessWednesday–Organizing @Inkscrblr ‘s New Home Office

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I have been waiting for this moment for months.  The day that Paula (@Inkscrblr) told me she had bought a house with a dedicated home office, I was perusing pinterest.  I love organizing home offices but what is even better is setting one up from scratch. I have set up a few home offices in my professional careers as a professional organizer. 

I had one client that needed to maximize a ‘dead’ space and re-define it as a home office.  That was challenging but we ended up making it functional and stylish.  Another client wanted to have a traditional desk configuration in his home office.  Once again the space was small but the light was gorgeous.  Walking him through the thought process of what he needed and what was available in our local Lover’s At Work Store was important. He opted for a used desk and custom shelves to match.  With the limited space having the flexibility to customized the shelves was huge.

Paula and I returned this week to Lover’s to get a better idea of what is available currently and what needed to be ordered in.  We both fell in love with this contemporary desk (see picture above):  It had clean lines, additional storage and a bench for sitting.  When you have two girls there might be some times that you need a place nearby for them to just sit and talk (while you chip away at your work).

Colourful chairs and accessories gave us an unlimited supply of decorating ideas.  We have not finished just yet (we’ve barely just begun, really), we are still scouting out the perfect desk/shelving unity/credenza configuration.  We are headed to Burlington and Oakville at the end of the week to see what more we can find.

Do you work from home?  What can you not do without?

What would you change?

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  1. says

    Awww! Two of my faves!!! That must have been a fun day for you two! I am LOVING the bold colored chairs. Makes such a stylish statement. I do work from home and I would love to have a workstation but since I work off my laptop – I find myself all over the house and in every coffee shop in the city. You need to come fix my life please.

  2. Anonymous says

    I work from home and there is no way that I could do without my computer, everything that probably should be in my brain, is in my computer. One thing I would change is my desk situation, I have ulnar nerve impingement that is irritated by my current setup.