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There is so much I want to share. I want you to make plans to visit but alas, this is not the time to leave home. That being said, there is not reason you cannot plan for the future. The snow will be there, I promise it will. I’m working with Quebec Maritime tourism board to share one of my favourite destination. There is no question, you should NOT avoid but embrace winter activities in Quebec Maritime!

Outdoor daytime activities are still accessible to those living in the region hopefully, COVID restrictions are lifted, more activities will become available. At the very least, you’ll have a guide for future travel in 2022 and beyond. Mother Nature will still be there and believe me, you’ll want to go!

10+ Winter Activities in Quebec Maritime


Photo Credit @QuebecMaritime CA 1
Photo Credit – Roger St-Laurent/Tourisme Gaspésie –
Fatbike in Percé (Coin-du-Banc)

The first time I saw a fatbike was at the Riôtel Matane when we were visiting during the summer. Useful on sandy and rocky beaches, these bikes are also adapted for the snow. Bundle up, put on your helmet and give it a spin. Becoming more popular you can find fatbike trails with Parc national du Bic offering 15 km (9 mi.) of dedicated fatbiking trails. Rentals of fatbikes are available on-site to try out this fun activity, which is bound to give you a different outlook on Québec winters. If you happen to be in Forestville (Côte-Nord) in February, note that the Boréal Loppet has added fatbike races to its popular cross-country skiing event.

Dogsledding  (traîneau à chiens)

Photo Credi - By Yvan Couillard - @QuebecMaritime  Winter Activities in Quebec
Photo Credit – Roger St-Laurent/Tourisme Gaspésie

There is no greater thrill than being pulled through the snow by a team of huskies dogs on a sled. You can learn how to mush yourself or sit back and have a guide take you at Ferme 5 Etoiles. This family own adventure resort has plenty of activities year around. We got to visit with the dogs and feed them when we visited in 2016.

La Ferme 5 Etoiles offer a variety of packages from a couple of hours to a full day musher experience. You will learn how to drive and brake with the energy of our sled dogs; visit the kennel where you will have the to visit with the huskies and malamute sled dogs.

Ice Climbing (escalade de glace)

Photo Credit - Mathieu DupuisLe @QuébecMaritime Ice climbing in Rivière-du-Loup
Photo Credit – Mathieu DupuisLe @QuébecMaritime
Ice climbing at Parc des Chutes (Falls Park) in Rivière-du-Loup

Not for the faint of heart but certainly for the adventurous, the beauty of a mountain can be admired as you scale the snow and ice while ice climbing.

Parc des Chutes (Falls Park) in Rivière-du-Loup offers a unique ice climbing experience. The ice wall is artificially created. It is easily accessible via a 5-minute walk along a marked trail.

This site is affiliated with the FQME, the provincial mountain climbing association, so to climb you need to be a member (annual mountain pass) or purchase a day pass. In addition, obviously only Mother Nature has control over the quality of the ice.

You can also head to the North Shore and try ice climbing in Baie Comeau. Are you the adventurous type? Then you might want to try ice climbing with the Attitude Nordique team in Baie-Comeau! Surrounded by breathtaking scenery (as seen in the photo below, with a view of Saint-Pancrace Bay), you’ll climb icy walls and perfect your technique with the help of an experienced guide. Attitude Nordique also offers many other winter activities, including fatbiking, ice fishing and snowshoeing.

Ice Fishing (pêche sur la glace)

Photo Credit @Quebec Maritime - Mathieu DupuisLe - Ice fishing in Rimouski
Photo Credit: Ice fishing in Rimouski : Mathieu Dupuis/Le Québec maritime

Another very traditional of the many winter activities in Quebec is ice fishing. It is what you imagined, a hole is drilled into thick ice on a lake and you drop your line to catch fish. An outfitter provide pre-drilled wholes, heated fishing hut, fishing gear and guidance.

Snowmobiling (la motoneige)

Photo Credit - @QuebecMaritime Roger St-Laurent - Snowmobilers in Mont-Saint-Pierre, in Gaspésie
Photo Credit – Roger St-Laurent/ @QuebecMaritime-
Snowmobilers in Mont-Saint-Pierre, in Gaspésie

One of the most exciting things I did when I was in university was riding a snowmobile (or ski-doo) through fields with a friend. I would love to get back on one and be thrilled with the speed and adventure of this unique winter sport. With over 6000 kilometers (3700 miles) of marked and groomed snowmobile trails, this is one of the best winter activities in Quebec Maritime. Fully supported with rest areas, gas stations, accommodations and restaurants.

Photo Credit - By Yvan Couillard - @QuebecMaritime Winter Activities in Quebec
Photo Credit – QM-000298 By Yvan Couillard – @QuebecMaritime

There are dedicated trails with bridges, scenic stops and even have the ability to sled across the St. Lawrence by ferry as well as ride across the Manicouagan River on North America’s longest snowmobile bridge. Take in scenery that is inaccessible at any other time of the year and enjoy a unique winter experience in Canada!

Whether you are an experienced and avid snowmobile enthusiast or just want to ride the trails to admire spectacular scenery, you will find a variety of trail options and snowmobile packages for every taste and budget.

Snowshoeing (la raquette)

Photo Credit - @QuebecMaritie Roger StLaurentTourisme Gaspesie Snowshoeing in Perce UNESCO Global Geoparc Winter Activities in Quebec
Photo Credit – QM-001495 By Roger St-Laurent/Tourisme Gaspésie
Snowshoeing in Perce UNESCO Global Geoparc

There are many, many natural snowshoe trails which you can visit in Quebec Maritime. Snowshoes have come a long way from the larger clunky raquettes which resemble tennis rackets made from hardwood frames with rawhide lacings. Today’s version are lightweight and much easier to maneuver. You can walk in them with or without the aid of poles but if you are going for an extensive hike in deep snow, you’ll likely appreciate the support they provide. Snowshoeing is an affordable and easier means to take a walk in the woods. Consider visiting any of the four National Parks in the region.

Parc national du Bic has 34 km (21 mi.) of marked trails suitable for all levels and admire spectacular views of the St. Lawrence Estuary.

In Parc national de la Gaspésie snowshoeing enthusiasts can enjoy 13 trails ranging in length from 1.7 to 18 km (1 to 11 mi.) in the Discovery and Visitors Centre sector and on the grounds of the Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs. Snowshoes are available for rent from the Discovery and Visitors Centre.

Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay and Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata offer marked but ungroomed trails for short or long excursion.

Ice Skating (patinage sur glace)

Winter Activities in Quebec  Photo Credit - @QuebecMaritime - Mathieu Parc Beausejour in Rimouski
Photo Credit – Mathieu Parc @QuebecMaritime Beausejour in Rimouski

Whether skating in an outdoor rink (and playing a bit of shiny hockey) or touring through a local part, there are plenty of opportunities to lace up your ice skates. In Rimouski, you can go to Parc Beausejour and glide through the natural winter wonderland that ribbons through the park.

Tubing (glissade sur chambre à air)

Winter Activities in Quebec Photo Credit - @QuebecMaritime - Mathieu Parc Beausejour in Rimouski_tubing
Photo Credit – Mathieu Dupuis/Le Québec maritime
Beausejour in Rimouski_tubing

The first time I tried tubing on a large hill was when we toured the Hotel de Glace Valcartier, just north of Quebec City. A great alternative for non-skiers or a day off the slopes, snow tubing has more of an adrenaline rush than you may think. Enjoy the high speed thrills on your own tube, or link the tubes together to form a snow raft with friends!

Getting up the hill is never a problem as most hills have pulley system or magic carpets make it easy to ascend the hill and then ride either alone or in a group on the huge tubes is exhilarating and crazy fun! Winter activities in Quebec Maritime include tubing in Parc Beausejour in Rimouski.

Skiing & Snowboarding (ski de randonnée, nordique, de haute route, la planche à neige ou le télémark)

Photo Credit - Callum SnapeLe @QuébecMaritime Mount Porphyre, Gaspésie
Photo Credit – Callum SnapeLe @QuébecMaritime Mount Porphyre, Gaspésie
Photo Credit @QuebecMaritime - Jeff BartlettLe - Skiing in the Chic-Chocs, in Gaspésie
Photo Credit @QuebecMaritime – Jeff BartlettLe – Skiing in the Chic-Chocs, in Gaspésie

When I think of winter activities in the province of Quebec, I always think about skiing. Living in Ontario, there are few ski mountains as opposed to Quebec where you will find them scattered throughout the province. Quebec Maritime has no shortage of skiing options for cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, alpine touring, snowboarding or telemark skiing.

There are many skiing options offered in the Chic-Choc Mountains or the Parc national de la Gaspésie. There are five ski areas in the Gaspésie region (2 in Murdochville, New Richmond, Sainte-Irène and Matapedia). The entire region has twenty-five summits above 1000 meters and because of the location it receives an average of seven meters of snow each winter. It is a deep powder skier’s paradise.

Winter Activities in Quebec Photo Credit @QuebecMaritime - Steve Deschênes Mt. Hog's Back, Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve
Photo Credit: Steve Deschênes @QuebecMaritime
Mt. Hog’s Back, Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve

Winter activities in Quebec Maritime are in abundance as this is a natural wonderland. No need to stay indoor when you can take off for a ski adventure for a few days or a few weeks. Lodging varies from log cabins, hotels and local AirBnB options. With or without a guide,many locations also rent equipment.

Photo Credit - @QuebecMaritime Taylor BurkLe Skiing in Gaspésie National Park
Photo Credit – Skiing in Gaspésie National Park : Taylor Burk/Le QuébecMaritime

Treetop Trekking (L’hébertisme aérien)

Photo credit @QuebecMaritime Treetop Trekking hebertismehiver qm
Photo credit @QuebecMaritime _ Treetop Trekking hebertismehiver-qm

Who says a ropes course is only for summer fun? Unleash your inner adventurer by enjoying a treetop escapade in an aerial adventure park. Head to Domaine Valga, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, which offers several treetop challenges in the Forêt de Maître Corbeau adventure park, suitable for beginners as well as those who are more experienced.

Safely attached to a harness, you will make your way through an obstacle course in the trees, which will draw upon both your physical agility and your problem-solving skills. Whether you’re walking along a high wire, climbing nets or zip-lining above the snowy ground, this is bound to be an exhilarating experience!

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Photo Credit: Mathieu Dupuis/Le Québec maritime

Whitecoat Seal Watching (d’observation des blanchons)

Photo Credit @QuebecMaritime - White coat in Ile de la Madeline
Photo Credit: Léa Sanche Lefebvre/Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine

Not nearly as daring as the other winter activities in Quebec, this option is just plain memorable. Every year in late February or early March, tens of thousands of harp seals make their way to the ice surrounding the Îles de la Madeleine to give birth to their pups. Over a couple of weeks, the baby harp seals gradually exchange their snowy whitecoats for the black and silver we are more familiar with. Consider a seal-watching excursion to see them up close—a unique and exhilarating experience!

In conclusion, experiencing winter in Quebec is just as exciting as visiting during the summer. It’s all a matter of wardrobe. I was once advised there is not such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. What that means is to enjoy the outdoor all you have to do in these snow Quebec winters is to bundle up. I so desperately want you to go and see and do and eat and … and … and … but … but … but I for the moment, I let do a bit of planning for winter activities in Quebec Maritimes.

Disclosure: I am working with Quebec Maritime tourism board to promote a region I know and love. Although there are restrictions to travel at this time, I encourage you check with each individual locations before making plans. At the very least #DreamNowTravelLater to this region. All opinions are my own. #Ad

All images are the property of @QuebecMaritime and used with permission.

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Photo Credit: Mathieu Dupuis/Le Québec Maritime
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