What to Sell at a Garage Sale: 25+ Easy Items that sell!

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Years ago, my daughter’s hight school was fundraising for a school trip. It made us wonder what to sell at a garage sale that would make us money. We came up with a pretty comprehensive list of items that sold and have stuck to having at least one garage sale a year. As we continue to downsize all our stuff, I thought I’d reshare this very useful list.

What to sell at a garage sale

Garage Sale Items Photo Credit EdZbarzhyvetsky via Depositphotos

Spring cleaning and organizing at this time of year helps them collect ‘stuff’ for a huge garage sale.  As a quick tip: make sure you provide hand sanitizer, garbage disposal and bags for people to carry away their treasure. Never invite strangers into your house but hold the garage sale on the driveway or the lawn. As much as you can avoid opening the garage too.

Insider Tip: In our house, if you put something in a garage sale and it doesn’t sell, you must donate it to Goodwill, Value Village, or St. Vincent de Paul Society. Note that sometimes churches hold rummage sales and are looking for donations.


Stack of Books Photo Credit IgorVetushko Depositphotos

Paperbacks also sell, but hardcover books are expensive, so people love to get a deal on a great book. We asked $2-4 for hardcover books and got that price!


Garage Sale Photo Credit massonforstock Depositphotos

Toys in their original packaging are a bonus. Gently used toys that are clean and functioning go fast. I had to test toys with batteries on.

Duplo and LEGO sets

Duplo blocks Photo Credit AllaSerebrina via Depositphotos

If you have sets with the instructions and most or all of the pieces, this is always a top seller. The best practice is to take a picture of the completed project and the box and keep all the pieces in plastic bags.

Crafts & Scrapbooking

Craft Supplies Photo Credit VadimVasenin Deopositphotos

 You may have half-used bottles of paint, a hot glue gun, scrapbooking embellishments you will NEVER use or a box of popsicle sticks.  Put those odds and sods into a ziplock bag and sell it as a package deal.  You’ll likely get rid of more stuff and people love surprises in their goodie bags.

Coloring or Puzzle Books

Coloring Boocks Photo Credit AllaSerebrina via Depositphotos

You may not get to all of the Suduko puzzles but if there are 2/3 left, consider selling these for .25 cents a piece. We buy coloring books for the seniors in our life.

Art & Decor

Holiday Decor Photo Credit VadimVasenin Deopositphotos
Holiday Decor Photo Credit VadimVasenin Depositphotos

Home decor and Christmas decor is the treasure others are looking for. Make sure and sift through holiday decor that needs another home. We had a set of 4 pictures on canvas and of them went. Our other friend sold a bigger decorative piece and our neighbour sold s framed Vincent Van Gough poster. Art sells because people love putting things on their wall!

Picture Frames

Frames Photo Credit AntonMatyukha Depositphotos

You may find you still have picture frames that you haven’t used or have stopped using. TAKE OUT YOUR PICTURES and sell the rest.

Vinyl, CDs, and DVDs

Vinyl Records Photo Credit VitalikRadko via Depositphotos

The folks who tend to frequent garage sales can be old school, so it’s easier to put a CD on the car radio or watch a DVD instead of picking a movie ‘on-demand.’ Don’t shy away from selling your copy of Top Gun or Guns & Roses’ Greatest Hits. Vinyl is back again, so you’ll find some hipsters looking for the Miles Davis record you loved to play at college!

Power tools

Power Tools Photo Credit AndrewLozovyi via Depositphotos

I once saw someone sell a $300 saw for $30. I would have sold it for more but she had the right idea: just get rid of it! Small appliances were also very popular. Have a power bar accessible to have people test out appliances (I suggest supervising this task).

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools Photo Credit dian4ikn.gmail .com via Depositphotos

Gardening tools can be very expensive, and sometimes, with a little cleaning and polishing, you will have a sturdy tool to last you for years. These items go FAST!

Video Games, Consoles and Controllers

Gaming Photo Credit EdZbarzhyvetsky via Depositphotos

They may not be the latest and greatest but they are playable and waaaaaay cheaper than in retail stores. If you have a Switch, Gameboy, DS, or console, you will find a buyer. Some are obsolete but that is the appeal for certain gamers.

Weights or Exercise Equipment

Weights Photo Credit KateNovikova via Depositphotos 1
Weights Photo Credit KateNovikova via Depositphotos

Who knew this would be such a big hit? Weights and some exercise equipment will sell. Skipping ropes, exercise balls, benches.

Stools or small chairs

Blue Chair Photo Credit vidarnm via Depositphotos
Blue Chair Photo Credit vidarnm via Depositphotos

Once again, something that surprised me, but I saw all sorts of people walk away with a stool in hand… go figure. People put plants on them or need them to reach a cupboard.

Ties & Sunglasses

Ties and Sunglasses Photo Credit AndrewLozovyi via Depositphotos

Surprisingly I made a last-minute decision to sell some of the pretty spectacular ties that my husband had discarded.  At $3 apiece we make a killing! One high school teacher (who still wears ties) took home a handful. Sunglasses can also go very quickly. Be sure and clean the lenses before putting them out.

Purses and Handbags

Purses Photo Credit 5seconds via Depositphotos

I’m a sucker for a fancy bag and there was no shortage of quality handbags at this particular school’s garage sale.  Never thought I would see a Michael Kors bag at a garage sale but I did.

Skis & Other Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment Photo Credit EdZbarzhyvetsky via Depositphotos

Even off-season, skis and boots can be popular items—especially if they are for children. Bindings can be adjusted, so many parents will look for a good set of skis for cheap. I couldn’t believe it when I spotted my girlfriend placing cross-country skis in the trunk of her car, but she did! Yes, we are off-season, but those are expensive items, so if you can pick them up for cheap… GO FOR IT.


Plants in Pots Photo Credit IgorVetushko via Depositphotos

People love to buy new plants for their garden. Many propagate them at home and then sell them for a fraction of the cost in a garden centre.


Clothes Photo Credit AndrewDemenyuk via Depositphotos

Whether it’s gently used women’s children or men’s clothes, you may be surprised at what people will purchase. Clean all items before you sell them. You know how fast children grow, so sometimes you can find gently used clothing for your baby, toddler, and young child.  Take the time to sort through the stuff, and you will find some gems.


Costumes Photo Credit AllaSerebrina via Depositphotos

Playing dress up or finding a costume for Halloween can be a bonus for parents. If your kids don’t fit into that Paw Patrol outfit anymore, sell it!


Old Tools Photo Credit AntonMatyukha Depositphotos

Tools are often found in doubles and they can also be filling up your garage. Get your spouse to have a look at the wrenches, saws, hammers and levels that they can donate to the fundraising cause.

Home Renovation supplies or cast-offs

Lumber Photo Credit VadimVasenin Deopositphotos
Lumber Photo Credit VadimVasenin Deopositphotos

Have some extra trim you didn’t use, a few boxes of flooring or tile? Maybe you changed all of your door handles in a recent renovation. People sometimes just need a replacement that is not manufactured any more. Sell it. What you cannot consider donating it to Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

Camping Gear

Camping Gear Photo Credit AlexLipa via Depositphotos

Tents, folding chairs, and even sleeping bags are of interest to those seeking a bargain. Camping equipment can be useful for those just starting out or for someone needing a bigger tent.


Furniture Photo Credit AndrewLozovyi via Depositphotos

If your kids are moving out of the house in the next 4-5 years, you start thinking about how they will furnish their first ‘place’. Sometimes you can pick up side tables, kitchen chairs or even sofas for a reasonable price.  Don’t buy big pieces until you need them but a nice night table may come in handy.

Bikes, Scooters & Skateboards

Skateboard Photo Credit IgorVetushko Depositphotos

All of these things on wheels are always bulky to store and there will be a buyer if you price it reasonably.  Don’t be afraid to throw in a helmet if you can! Safety First!

Food & Drinks

Food and Drinks Photo Credit SashaKhalabuzar via Depositphotos
Food and Drinks Photo Credit SashaKhalabuzar via Depositphotos

People are always hungry and have some baked goods or BBQ goods always go over well.  You can sell bags or chips, granola bars, freezies (anything that is pre-packaged is good). Don’t forget to have some pop or cold bottled water for sale too.  You get a great return on that 24 pop case that you bought for $5 and sell for $1 each.

You can certainly see that many people were selling items via Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or simply as re-sellers. If you are interested in selling your clothes online, here’s a comprehensive blog post from Melanie Summers.

Other Organizing or Decluttering Ideas

Keep decluttering and downsizing because nothing beats a garage sale in the summer!

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  1. I loved those list😍😍😍😍😍. I will try my best to start my garage sale soon. Thanks for the great list

  2. This is a great list. I’ve never thought about what sells at a garage sale. I just put everything out and hope for the best. It’s good to have this as a reference.

    • I need to have a purpose. No sense doing all that work and not getting something out of it (or at least that is what I tell my husband that dislikes hosting them). Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I’m not a yard sale person. For the most part, aside from books, I prefer new or to go without, and for clients, I think they find it hard to be offered 25 cents for something that was once well-loved or that they scrimped to afford. And I often find that clients hold onto things for a “someday” yard sale that never happens. But getting everything to-be-sold located in one place for the eventual sale helps make progress, and focusing on the best-sellers as you’ve done here is a super way to get things out of the house and on their way!

    • I was never one for garage sales but when my then teenagers needed money for a school trip, it became a thing. We have had a few over the years but now they sell things on Facebook Market place with mixed results but it’s not usually for dirt cheap. So win-win, they learn lessons in what the value of something is and that they need to be resourceful.

  4. I’ve purchased some fabulous items at a garage/tag sale and I’ve done well selling too. Once, all the neighbors on our road had a group tag sale. It was fun and we earned money for the road association.
    Reading your post, I’ve learned some new ways- to- do- it! I’m getting inspired again!.

    • On Father’s Day weekend there is always a huge local garage sale that everyone looks forward to. Some people even ‘lend’ out their driveways so those not living in that particular subdivision can sell their wares. I have found solid wood shelves, an almost new stroller (back in the day) and lots of other goodies that we needed. I’m all about recycling and keeping items out of landfills.

  5. What a great list of popular items to sell at a garage sale. We don’t have enough things to do this every year, but we have had at least 5 or more garage sales over the years and have always done well. Something else that helps is doing good signage to lead people to your driveway. The items are always organized (surprise, surprise) into categories, which people really like too. It has always surprised me how popular linens are. Furniture, household dishes, and decor are also favorites. I wonder if people will have garage sales this season because of COVID.

    • I was thinking that people should continue to declutter and keep things for the summer. I’m hoping by then we will be able to have a garage sale. We certainly have a large (4 car) driveway and a large lawn to set things out on. So patrons will be able to social distance. This is my hope anyway. For now, just plan.

  6. This is an awesome list! I want to file it for use for later and honestly, the best way I can do that is to link and feature it on my weekly ‘My Post Monday’. So, filing now!!! Thanks!

  7. You are actually motivating me to have a garage sale! Surprised that the ties were such good sellers… we have some FB tag sale groups in my area, maybe I will put some of them up!

  8. Nice concise article. i always suggest to my clients that garage sales are not easy. If they enjoy socialising and bartering it will be a great time for them. If they are insulted by bartering over the price they have put on their articles then maybe garage sales are not for them.

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