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Bananas in Pyjamas

Bananas for Pyjamas

Updated: Feb6, 2017

One of my favourite and original 4M posts, I’ve added a few tips but the same principles still apply Set limits on the number of clothes that you own.

I was working with a client this week and we were sorting through her clothes.  This is not an unusual thing for me to be doing but while we were doing this she posed a frequently asked question: “Are these the MOST pairs of pyjamas that you’ve ever seen?”  This woman was bananas for pyjamas! So my answer was: YES!
The thing is that you could insert all sorts of items where the word pyjamas was. Are these the most set of sheets? Are these the most pieces of luggage? Are these the most sweaters?  …Cat toys? …Kitchen utensils? …Balls? …Electronic cords/gadgets? …Towels? …Socks? …Underwear? You can clearly see where I am going…

When you work with clients that have organizing challenges, it always seems they have at least one (if not more) *favourite* things.  For this client, it was pj’s.  The thing is how many pairs of pyjamas does one woman need? Five, ten, twenty?  We decided that she only had enough to fill two drawers.  Let me re-phrase that, I decided, that she could only have two drawers full.  Why did I have to make the decision?  Because when one person has over 35 pairs of pyjamas, she doesn’t have a perspective to make that judgement call.  However, that being said, once I made the call, my client complied – without complaint.  For me, it is a matter of setting limits that she can live with and tolerate.  Paring it down to 12 sets of pyjamas was a number she could live with.  I would have preferred a few more gone but that day will come.
A good way of keeping track is by the size of the container,  closet or number of drawers.  So if you only have 4 drawers that you can use (and storage is not an option), make the tough decisions on what can stay and what needs to go.

In my closet, I have x-amount of hangers. Only one item per hanger is allowed and I CANNOT add more hangers.

20150706 190228

Those are the LIMITS I impose on myself.  So, if I buy something new, as I did tonight,  I need to get rid of something. No searching for extra hangers… no folding and putting the new item on a shelf if it is meant to be hung up.

It can be hard sometimes but it keeps my closet clutter-free. I challenge you to review your pyjamas and your hangers. Just make sure you are not Bananas for Pyjamas.  If you have problems with this task, I’ll be more than happy to help. 😉

So today’s 4M lesson is: set limits.  Make your judgement call.  Make sure you know when 35 pyjamas are WAY too many.

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