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file foldersI spent this weekend  helping two clients set up their home offices.  While setting up home files, we customized a system whereupon we used coloured file folders to keep the main categories separate then we put the sub categories in alphabetical order.

For example, we had:

Financial Papers – Green Folders – Subcategories – Banking, Investments, RRSPInve
Home and Auto – Red Folders – subcategories = deeds, home repairs, insurance, renovations, vehicles
Personal – Purple Folders – subcategories = Betty, Ben, Bob, Betty & Dog Daisy (not client’s real names) – each client then had their own subcategories =  education, health, personal documents.

We created a master index which my client can update once he adds more folders.  If anyone else is looking for a particular file, all they have to do is review the index or run a search on keywords that we used to describe the contents of each folder.  This made the system easy to integrate with room to grow.

So what is your challenge for this week?  Go through your personal files.  Take the time to purge, sort and re-file with the appropriate category and subcategories.  Make a list and map out how you want the order to be.  Then make labels for each main category and each file.  File it and you are done.  Once YOUR customized system is set up, it will be easier to file those pesky papers!

Have a Great Monday!


(Pictured are Smead accordion file folders that are great for larger bulky items.  They also come in different colour and  sizes – I love them!)

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