4M – Margarita’s Manic Monday Minutes–Kitchen Cupboard Clean-up

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4M LogoWe all have a cupboard or two that we dread opening up.  It’s cluttered, it’s messy and it’s over-stuffed with things but hey, it’s hidden in the corner so it doesn’t really matter, right?  You don’t have the time to clean that out, you’re a busy family!  Who’s got the time for that?

Wrong! With a little bit of motivation and focus, it’s easy to clean out a cluttered cupboard in no time.  Just this week, my daughter and I managed to clean out this cupboard in less than 30 minutes while waiting for a treat to bake in the oven.  No distractions, no breaks and it was all clean in a jiffy!  An easy project for whenever you’re listening to the radio or feeling unproductive on a weekend afternoon.

Challenge yourself with this super simple cupboard clean-up to start off your week.

1. Asses the situation.

Ask yourself: What was this cupboard supposed to be for? What’s in it now?  In our case, the space is mostly used for large serving platters, large Tupperware and some vases.

DownshiftingPRO - Cupboard Clean-up

2. Take it ALL out.

Take a minute to empty out the cupboard onto a counter and get sorting!  Being able too see everything that you have is key to figuring out what it is that you actually use and what no longer has a purpose in your house.  What stays, what goes, what could possibly be donated.  Don’t forget the original purpose of the cupboard.  We managed to cut our pile down by a third just by taking out some older food containers, cookie tins and serving bowls.

DownshiftingPRO - Cupboard Clean-up

3.  A little bit of clean-up.

Before you’re ready to put everything back, give the cupboard a good scrub.  Clean everything down with a wet cloth to make sure nothing sticky or dirty is going back into the cupboard. In our case we just sweeped out the onion skins and took a disinfectant wipe to the whole thing. Easy-peasy!

DownshiftingPRO - Cupboard Clean-upDownshiftingPRO - Cupboard Clean-up


4. Back in business.

Finally, everything in the “keep” pile goes back into the cupboard.  After getting rid of so many old and unused items, there’s lots of space to move things around.  Remember to stay motivated to finish up!  If you had to sort through a lot of things in your cupboard like we did, you may be wanting to give yourself a break but you’re in the home stretch! Don’t give up!  Just a few more minutes and you’re done!


DownshiftingPRO - Cupboard Clean-up


Ahh… Finally a nice clean cupboard and it only took, what? 20 minutes? 25?  Remember:

  • Set a purpose for the space you’re organizing.  What is supposed to go here?
  • If you’re second guessing giving something up, ask yourself when is the last time you used it and could someone else use it?  Donate!
  • It’s important to stay motivated even with small tasks like these.  Just get it done!  Organizing doesn’t have to be a long arduous task.
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