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Bags, Bags, Bags - 4M Margarita's Manic Monday Minutes on DownshiftingPRO

As part of my organizing series – 4M – Margarita’s Manic Monday Minutes – here’s a quick task to do: clean out all of your grocery bags, bags, bags.  In today’s world, we are very cognizant that we need to reduce the amount of waste and flimsy plastic bags.  Most people are converting over to re-useable shopping bags so that you don’t have the waste.  Many companies like to give away ‘gift bags’ with their logo and maybe a few samples of their products.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  We don’t want to use plastic but we get to darn many bags in the process.  I have been attending conferences for years now and every time I go I get one bag at registration and then a series of bags when I visit different vendors or brands.  Stop.the.madness.

Reusable shopping bags are fairly easy to find but not all are created equal.  Some are true cloth bags (that can be washed), some are fabric bags (that cannot be washed) and some are bags that are made of pliable plastic.  All of these bags come in different shapes and sizes so you can have a bag for just about any one of your needs.  I have a few bags that are also insulated so I can store frozen products or meat and poultry.   I like that you can wipe these down or sanitize them with a cleaner.  These insulated bags are particularly good in the summer months when you find yourself grocery shopping in the intense heat and all you want to do is get the ice cream home in time.

I made a quick video to discuss how to decided which bags to keep, which to donate and what some of the bags are good for (other than carrying groceries).  Please let me know what you use your re-usable bags for.  While you are over watching on YouTube, be sure and subscribe.  I have a few 4M posts all ready to go for you, so check in next Monday for more organizing tips!


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