Celebrating 375 in Montreal–5 NOT-TO-MISS events #mtlmoments

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#MtlMoments #DPROtravel @DownshiftingPRO Montréal 375
Celebrating Montréal 375

I am in love with re-discovering the province that was my home for such a long time. I’m looking foward to returning for Montréal375! When I immigrated to Montréal in 1969, it was the beginning of what came to be a love of our adopted country.  My father had gone to school at McGill University in the late 1940s and vowed that he would return to La Belle Province.  I have the fondest memories of growing up on the West Island and then attending McGill University when it was my turn.  I spent many an evening at the Montreal Jazz Festival when it was in its infancy.  This year it will celebrate its 38th anniversary.  Not to be missed, the festival runs from June 28th to July 8th.  This year’s headliners will include Bob Dylan, Diana Krall, Buddy Guy, Melissa Ethridge and many more.   I loved that the streets of the city are closed down so you could walk around and listen to the different stages, take in the buskers and artist that popped up everywhere.  As Montreal celebrates its 375 Anniversary, the city has decided to make an even bigger party by combining with Canada’s sesquicentennial.

I am headed to Montréal for the long Victoria Day weekend and here are some of the things that I plan to take in:

  1. The Giants by Royale Luxe: These gigantic marionettes will be in Montréal from May 18th to the May 21th.  Started in 1979 in France, these 30 to 50 ft. marionettes are manipulated by a troop of Lilliputians swinging off ropes and ladders, metal and steel contraptions to have them come to life.  Over the weekend, they will tell a story with different characters parading on different streets.  This is a one of kind experience and you can see the map here.

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  2. Avduo in Old Montréal: Images and scenes projected on stacked shipping containers, rippling water walls and other spectacular installations.  It will tell the storey of those who lived in Montréal, who arrived by the St. Lawrence River, whose livelihood depended on it, who built, innovated and set off to link Montréal to the rest of the world.
  3. AURA at Notre-Dame Basilica – Head over to Old Montréal to the world renowned Notre-Dame Basilic to see two part multimedia installation that invites you to explore the artwork beneath the building’s rood screens. Once you’ve tour the smaller installations, you will be invited to make your way to the centre of the Basilica for the second, immersive portion of the experience. No matter where you sit, you’ll be able to enjoy this sensory experience to its fullest with lights, projected imagery, coral and orchestral music accompaying the show. Be sure to give yourself a solid 60 minutes to take in this event.
  4. Fancy visiting a 17th century village market?  Want to see what daily life was like in Montréal in 1600?  You can visit Pointe-à-Callière, the  Montréal Archaeology & History Complex in the Old Port of Montreal.  There will be a village market with strolling musicians, crafts people and street performers.  See villagers in period costumes in the market place.  This special event will take place May 19 –May22.
  5. For the next 10 years, Living Connections will have you see the Jacques Cartier bridge in a whole different light.  This new digital and interactive lighting project will become an integral part of the bridges delicate structure.  It will light up according to the seasons and the energy of the city.  I can just image that all summer long, it will be a blaze with light.  Three hundred and seventy-five candles were lit on Montréal’s 375 Anniversary May 17th.  The inaugural show began with a musical soundtrack created especially for the evening featured Orchestre Métropolitain.  Unlike the Fireworks festival (that will take place later on in the summer) you will need to be closer to see the full effect. For the rest of the time, check out the show on the hour. It is short and sweet. For viewing,  you have various choices:
    . The Old Port of Montréal, especially the Clock Tower pier
    . Notre-Dame Street, east of the Jacques Cartier Bridge
    . From any of several vantage points on the riverbank on the South Shore, including Marie-Victorin Park in Longueuil

Montréal is celebrating in style.  These are just a few things that you can do in this spectacular city.  Follow along this weekend as I take you to many of these places and events via DPROtravel on Instagram.  It’s time to celebrate and I am all about the party!

I am the guest of Tourism Montréal.  This is part of a weekend that I won when I attended a Travel Massive Event in Toronto.  No compensation was recieved.  All opinions are my own

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  1. I just love Montreal. There is never a dull moment to be had in that city. I’ll have to make some time to go this summer. Thanks for all the tips.

  2. The Giant Marionettes look incredible! I would really love to visit Montreal one day. It looks like you are having a blast rediscovering your former home.

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