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I am Margarita Ibbott. I am DownshiftingPRO, a nationally syndicated travel writer, blogger, speaker, and former professional organizer. I enjoy order in my life, but I crave travel adventures. I have been writing about organizing, family, and travel since 2008 to promote my business.

As the blog evolved so did my focus. I have been writing, primarily about travel since 2015. I currently write syndicated content for Wealth of Geeks and other travel websites. I also have written articles that have been syndicated throughout the US. Please check my Muck Rack profile for a list of media outlets.

I continue to be an MSN (US) direct publisher and guest on The Amateur Traveler and Wealth of Geeks podcasts.

Ibbott Family Quebec Maritime 2021

I have also had a few of my adult children guest post about the theatre scene, travels in Europe and Autism.

Topics I am interested in covering:

Indigenous Tourism: There is much to learn about this niche tourism sector. From Native American storytellers, Inuit carvers or Metis writers. This particular interest has brought me to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and Wendake in Quebec.

Culinary Tourism: There is no better way to understand a people than through their food. Sitting down to eat and drink is a common experience. So I look for food tours, cooking classes or farm-to-table experiences.

Arts & Culture: I’ve never met a museum I didn’t love. I am drawn to fine art, decorative arts and history museums. I’m interested in covering stories about new exhibits, unique experiences and outdoor art, including sculpture gardens, murals and street art.

Boomer and Gen-X: Straddling the world of Boomers (my older siblings) and Gen Xer’s my husband and most of our friends, I’m interested in stories about ‘the next chapter’ in our lives. We are still working but hope to retire soon, we have become empty-nesters and are adjusting to our new relationships with our adult children. We are often caregivers to our aging parents and are navigating long-term care, Alzheimer’s or dementia parents.

Soft Adventure: I am looking for continued challenges and adventures that may include biking, kayaking, segways, hikes, and maybe a bit of glamping. I’m not looking to climb mountains and jump out of planes but I am willing to get up really early to see those stunning sunrises from a summit or walk the Camino.

A little soft adventure: Whale watching in Quebec Maritime

Hire me as a speaker:

I love public speaking and feel at ease sharing my travel expertise. You may be interested in having a speaker come in to discuss different destinations in Canada, the US or parts of Europe. From basic travel planning tips to stories from the trenches. Inquiries can be done via email. Info@DownshiftingPRO.com.

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