My Benjamin Moore Home – How to make 1 small bathroom look big again

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Bathroom Makeover from Georgian Bay to Weston Flax with Benjamin Moore @DownshiftingPRO

My Benjamin Moore Home

Going from dark blue to a pale yellow is quite the transition.  It was a dramatic change but one that we welcomed!  When we moved to this house 13 years ago, this became my Benjamin Moore Home because the whole house is painted with Benjamin Moore. 

I had painted the bathroom to match the bathroom rugs.  Yes, that may seem absolutely ridiculous at this time but to be honest, I just love that they were shag rugs and they were three different shades of blue.  I was happy to paint this bathroom Georgian Bay blue (HC-782).  Once we had happily lived with this colour for about ten years, we decided that it was time to make a change.  So when I changed the colour of my daughter’s room we also changed the bathroom.  Here is the transformation.

The Before

IMG02120 20120829 1028
This is what the bathroom looked like before when it was painted Georgian Bay

Benjamin Moore – Georgian Bay HC-782

I always believe it is easier to find the bedding or the curtain than it is to match the accessories to the paint.  I have had this shower curtain in my previous home so I choose the dark blue  colour scheme of the children’s bathroom to match that and the area rug and the curtains.  Georgian Bay is a very deep beautiful blue that looks like the colour of a deep ocean – or Georgian Bay. 

We had paired it with Talbot prints with large humpback whales.  All very aquatic looking.  I have had these wrought iron towel racks for years (I had them in the master bath in our other house).  They are likely to go to our next house, I love them that much.  Those fixtures were not changing so I had to find a jump-off point for the new colour scheme.

Benjamin Moore - Georgian Bay HC-782

As the bathroom had much more of a masculine vibe to it, the makeover was going to be focused more on the girls this time.  I choose to use the curtains that I had in my second daughter’s baby room.  They are a pale yellow with small blue flowers.  I like them because (1) they are light in colour; (2) they are lined to keep the western sun exposure out in the summer and; (3) they have a blue element painted on which will let me keep the blue rugs (yeah, #winning) and the matching blue towels.  This means I can spend less on accessories.

Benjamin Moore Fresh Start

In order to cover the very dark paint, it was best to put three coats of Benjamin Moore’s Freshstart.  We love priming any painted surface with Freshstart, it is an all-purpose primer that covers well and does not let anything bleed through.  Because we were going with a much lighter colour, we could have used just two coats but I wanted to make sure that it was really covered so we opted for three light coats.  The pictures above were with just one coat as you can see, it covers a lot on the first go.

Benjamin Moore – Flax HC-5

We went with Benjamin Moore Weston Flax HC-5 for the complete makeover.  We matched it to the window curtain.  All you have to do is bring the fabric into your local Benjamin Moore store (our’s is Clancy’s Rainbow) and then they will mix it for you.  We used the Aura Bath and Spa line of paint because of the amount of humidity in such a small area. It has features which are important in high humidity and frequently used areas:

  • Extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats
  • Mildew resistant for a fresh look that lasts
  • Proprietary Colour Lock™ technology for richer colours that stay true over time
  • Stands up to repeated washing with no colour rub-off
  • Paint and primer together
  • Zero VOC*, low odour
IMG 0063 1
The inspiration for using Benjamin Moore Flax

The After

The other accessories that I purchased were a new curtain rod for both the window and the shower.  We decided to match those two because (once again, I had the curtain rod from a different room).  The shower curtain is plain white with a waffle patter to add texture.

Bathroom Makeover DownshiftingPRO Benjamin Moore 4
The finial looks like a budding flower.  It went well with the overall theme.
Bathroom Makeover DownshiftingPRO Benjamin Moore 5

To brighten up the dark shower area I added a white shower curtain and bought the curtain rod in bronze to match the window curtain rod.

Bathroom Makeover DownshiftingPRO Benjamin Moore 3
Bathroom Makeover DownshiftingPRO Benjamin Moore 3 1

I picked up an small canvas so the kids would read it once a day and be inspired.

My Benjamin Moore Home Colour palette

On the opposite wall is a large floral photograph to compliment the curtains and fill in the empty space. I loved how I was able to tie in the Benjamin Moore Home colour with the accessories in the bathroom.

You get a better view of how everything gets tied together.  In the next phase, I will be replacing the sinks, taps and countertop.

The Emily Henry tray was a perfect accessory for my Benjamin Moore Home colour palette
Bring in accessories to decorate for function

Last but not least, I also had this glass canister set that holds what every teenage girl needs, Q-tips, face wipes and cotton balls.   The last touch that was added was a classic Emily Henry tray (I have a collection of that too) which happens to be in a version of Georgian Bay.  I could not have planned that any better.  See how that works?  It all comes together in my Benjamin Moore Home. Weston Flax is a beautiful light yellow that lights up the room.  It never seems to be dark and gloomy in the bathroom, it is warm and inviting.

My Benjamin Moore Home

Bathroom Makeover @DownshiftingPRO Benjamin Moore Weston Flax HC 5

Weston Flax HC-5

From Georgian Bay to Weston Flax - Benjamin Moore Home - DownshiftingPRO - PIN
I love my Benjamin Moore Home colour transformation

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  1. THIS looks off the hook amazing. LOVE this colour. Very pretty. The accessories are perfect. You have great taste – always have and always will. The towels are beautiful. The flower picture and word canvas are perfect too. LOVE it all.

    • In order to save some money, we kept the towels and bath mats that we had before. I also re-purposed the curtains (which was our jumping off point). A few accessories and we were off to the races. I’m pretty sure I bought those glass jars when we were in Toronto for an event. I just love them! I’m a closet decorator, I’m sure.

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