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Today I am going to discuss what may seem like an unrelated topic to organizing but in fact is very related to my little company: social media and profiles. About two years ago I started on my quest to reach out to the virtual ‘ universe’. Whether through my blog, Facebook (personal and business pages), LinkedIn (business network) or Twitter, I found that I needed to keep connecting to people. Why? So they would learn more about me and my little company.

I have really enjoyed blogging (although I do not do this nearly enough), I enjoy updating my status on Facebook and LinkedIn and I am now mastering the art of tweeting. All of these new talents have taken me months to master (I would not go so far at to say perfect). The learning curve can be consider steeped when you are new to these sites. So when I found myself in a mentoring group with a social media and website designer, I told him I had spent months learning the ins and outs of these ‘self-promotion’ and search engine optimization tools. “I would have paid anyone to help me with the initial set up of the profiles.” I said. ” Funny,” he said, “I’ve been thinking about putting together a workshop for that reason alone: helping people get started.” An that, my friends, was the genesis of

Stuart Budden of inaZooma and I have teamed up to provide novice social media network users with a workshop that will help them get started: building your personal (or business) profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Fifty percent of social media users have either one and sometimes two of these accounts but they rarely have all three. Even more rare are those that actually have them linked together so you can update your profiles at a single point of contact. Far more discouraging: even fewer have a customized social media strategy to make it all work!

So on Friday, November 27 at the TrisanOne Business Centre in London, ON, you can pick from either a morning or an afternoon session to learn and then do exactly that: build your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles and then, link them all together! This hands-on workshop will explain the basics about social media networking and search engine optimization and then, we will sit down at individual workstations and start building your presence on the world wide web.

For more information, please visit our website at or call me directly at 519-472-9585 to start getting your profiles up, running and organized!

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