Quaint Pueblos Blancos in Southern Spain – Visiting Mijas

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Visiting Mijas in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain is a MUST. Not surprisingly, there is nothing but white houses, shops and churches. What strikes you when you see a white town (pueblo blanco) on the surface is they really are devoid of colour. However, as you walk the streets you will find plenty of colour in the decorations.

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Visiting Mijas, Spain

If you are planning a visit to Costa del Sol in Spain, the white pueblo of Mijas is worth a day trip from Marbella or Malaga. Mijas is located high up on a mountainside, with beautiful white houses and narrow streets giving you Santorini- vibes. Once you get up there, you will see nothing but the Mediterranean in front of you.

Visiting Mijas - view of the white pueblo in Southern Spain -Costa del Sol
Visiting Mijas, Spain – a white pueblo (village) in southern Spain

How to get there

Located eight kilometres from the coast and 25 kilometres west of the Malaga airport. Your best option for visiting Mijas is to take the train or bus from Malaga. There are day trips from any number of neighbouring cities, but we rented a car and drove from the hills above Marbella and came across a very winding (but spectacular) backroad. Driving in the mountains of Spain can be awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time. There are many switchbacks and precipices so drive with caution and stop when there is a designated area. Otherwise, head north coastal highway (A7 or AP7) from either Malaga or Marbella.


Head to the town center at the Mirador Hermanos Núñez Andréu – we parked for 1/8 hours (this may have changed since our visit). I suggest this parkade as it is easy to find and offers covered parking right in the centre of town – plus super affordable.

Mirador Hermanos Nunex Andreu - Visiting Mijas - view of the white pueblo in Southern Spain -Costa del Sol
Mirador Hermanos Nunez Andreu
Access to the Parkade

Mirador Hermanos Nunez Andreu – Donkey Taxis

You will find the main tourism office at the square, as well as a few notable picture-worthy stops, (the Hermanos Núñez Andréu lookout, the bronze donkey statue and the donkey taxis).

The tradition of using donkeys as taxis in Mijas dates back to the early 1970s when they were introduced as a means of transportation for locals and tourists. The donkeys, which are regulated and well-cared-for are accustomed to their role. They are adorned with colourful blankets and decorations that add to their charm. They are available for a 30-minute tour for 25.

The Donkeys are a tourist attraction but have historical signifigance in Spanish commerce.  Visiting Mijas, Spain

Best Selfie Route

When approaching the main square as you come up from the parkade, the tourism office is to your left. Great place to stop to get information on local restaurants, must-see attractions and pick up a map of the 15 best Selfie sites in Mijas. This is a fun way of visiting Mijas and walking through the town while getting a few great selfies.

We walked along narrow streets with cute white houses with terrace roofs, Flowers in typical blue pots, on the ground hanging up on the white walls. Walked into one shop where they mainly sell colourful pottery, plates vases, and tiles.

Fuente de la Plaza de la Constitucion – Constitution Square

Fountain in Constitution Square 1

There is a small shopping area. Walk to the back of the street to see a wonderful view of the white houses. There was a lovely sweets shop in front of the square. Seek a bit of shade and have ice cream at the Constitution Square Fountain. It’s a great place to stop before you start heading up to the Mirador de la Muralla or down into the residential area.

This is stop #6 on the Selfie Route with the historical marble fountain.

Mirador de La Muralla & The Botanical Gardens

Mirador de la Muralla Mijas Spain Photo Credit DownshiftingPRO.com

The viewpoint of the Fortress walls and its gardens One of the most important Viewpoints on the Costa del Sol on the old fortress walls and the Botanical Gardens.

Mijas Bullring

The Mijas Bullring, also known as Plaza de Toros de Mijas, is an iconic landmark within the town. Constructed in 1900, it is one of the oldest bullrings in Spain. Even if you’re not interested in bullfighting, the bullring is worth a visit for its architectural beauty and historical significance. It also houses a museum that showcases artifacts and memorabilia related to bullfighting.

CAC Mijas (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo)

When visiting Mijas, Spain, you will also find a small CAC Mijas – Contemporarty Art Centre housing ceramic works by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso & Salvador Dalí. Most of the collection is made up with works of Pablo Picasso of different techniques: lithographs, linocuts, prints, sculptures, ceramics, etc…with a total of 130 works of art.

Another important part of the collection is that by Salvador Dalí; different techniques and different periods of the creative life of the artist. His collection adds up to 125 works of art.

Although small it is worth a stop and the enterance fee is under 5.

Where to Eat

Our last stop which was recommended by the tourist office, with very welcoming and helpful staff, was a typical Spanish restaurant “Bar-el Niño’, after unsuccessfully trying to find it we finally gave up and decide to leave Mija, on our way out of town, there it was – Las Noches Chichilargas – Bar el Nino!

Restaurant in Mijas Spain

Although it was on the edge of town, it is clearly a neighbourhood favourite with few if any tourists in it. We ordered the menu del dia and had a very traditional bread soup, deep-fried seafood and a cold beer. It was glorious and very reasonable 9.

We also indulged in a little ice cream from a small shop in Fuente de la Plaza de la Constitucion
(Constitution Square)

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