Sensational Room Makeover Ideas for 2021 with Benjamin Moore

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It’s done. I’m so excited. Not as excited as my daughter is. She’s been wanting a colour change for a while now and over the Christmas break, my husband made it a reality for her. He’s the best that way. He enjoys painting and rarely (if ever now that I think about it) has he turned down an opportunity to change the colour of a room. We started by searching on Pinterest, Instagram and even TikTok, for room makeover ideas in 2021 which will take you from teen to young adult.

Room makeover ideas for your college student! @DownshiftingPRO

Tip #1: My philosophy is always start with the bedding. It’s harder to pick a colour and then find bedding to go with it than the other way around. Find that one jumping off point that you just love. For my office, it was a binder from the Martha Stewart office collection. Side note: Also, you may want to find room makeover ideas on Pinterest.

This is the third colour combination for Hannah. In 2014 we did a very bright makeover for her when she turned 15 which included a hot pink and pale green combination (Peony and Pale Mist). We kept the night table (the table top is painted in Vapour AF-35), the bed frame and the desk. In that makeover, my mother made custom curtains in a modern geometric pattern which included black-out shades (a dream combination for any teenager). It was all very colourful and playful.

Room Makeover Ideas for 2021

Room makeover ideas for your college student! @DownshiftingPRO

It was time to pivot in a different direction. She was looking for room makeover ideas in 2021 that provided serenity and a calming vibe. A major reason was how much time she spends in her room due to the pandemic restriction. She had been toying with a shade of pink to play off the curtains in her university room makeover. I had to admit, I had had my eye on Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2020 – First Light 2102-70 since it came out. This was my chance … In the 2021 Colour palette there was also Fog Morning 2106-70 which seemed like a toned down version of First light. It was also very beautiful but a bit to beige.

Room makeover ideas for your college student! @DownshiftingPRO - You can Pin this to your favourite Pinterest board

There is much to love in the Colour of the Year 2021 edition. We had already started playing around with it. as we fell hard for the scheme. Paul painted our master bathroom, Aegean Teal 2136-40 (the colour of the year) and Gray Cashmere 2138-60 . We use these two colours together to create an accent wall in both the bathroom and the bedroom. (I’ll be writing another blog post soon about that transformation).

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021. With this year's Color of the Year.

Tip #2: One of the easiest ways to understand colour combinations is to pick up a brochure from Benjamin Moore. Their Color Trends brochure will give you suggestions of where to use the colours and how to use them together. I have kept the Color Trends brochures for years and have referred back them.

Although First light was very, very similar to Savory Cream, we opted for the softer of the two. In choosing colours, I tend to bring a swatch of fabric or the jumping off point for selecting the right shade. This time we brought the pillow sham for to Clancy’s Rainbow to match a shade that would be best.

The colour dabs above do not do these beautiful pinks justice. The one on the right is First Light and the one on the left in Savory Cream. All I can suggest is to go to your local Benjamin Moore retailer for a better match. I feel the wall image above is a better representation of the soft pink.

20210116 191944

Hannah was able to add this picture that my husband gifted my father years ago. It is very sentimental for her and it reminds her of her Papis. The black and white scheme blends well with the soft pink of Savory Cream.

Tip # 3: Don’t be afraid to re-purpose or use sentimental items in your decorating ideas. Choose items that you love and appreciate seeing everyday. Don’t put something that you feel obligated to keep. The small porcelain doll was a gift from Hannah’s aunt years ago. It’s not something she thinks of often but it went well with the theme.

Room makeover ideas for your college student! @DownshiftingPRO - Savory Cream from Benjamin Moore

We layered the shelf with sentimental items and floral accents to mirror the flowers on the duvet cover. The metal bins are a set from IKEA and she keeps personal items in them. She has scattered photos of her siblings and us throughout her room.

Room makeover ideas for your college student! @DownshiftingPRO - Savory Cream from Benjamin Moore

Although not everything is complete, the book shelf in her room was something I picked up at a yard sale. Solid maple, the wood is beautiful and I have to admit, I would not let my daughter paint it (no matter how lovely Vapor is).

Room makeover ideas for your college student! @DownshiftingPRO - Savory Cream from Benjamin Moore

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