Top 10 #Organizing Pins or Re-Pins on Pinterest

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This week I wanted to quickly review the Top Ten Pins or Re-Pins that: (1) I have posted on my boards; (2) found on other Professional Organizers’ boards; (3) spotted on Pinterest.  Hope you like them:

  1. Upside down shelves provide built in dividers


2. Laundry Closet: everyone loves the blue baskets


3.  Organizing in Small Spaces: Hanging cleaning supplies

4. Folded t-shirts in Gayle King’s Closet

5. Launch Pad: Mudroom for a busy family

6. SOHO: Small Office/Home Office Organizing
7.  Kitchen/Bathroom Organizing: Quick Draw Cleaning Supplies
8.  Craft Organizing: Can you hear the Angel’s Singing
9.  Great Source for Organizing Information: Professional Organizer Blog Carnival
10.  Keep Calm and Get Organized
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3 thoughts on “Top 10 #Organizing Pins or Re-Pins on Pinterest”

  1. Don’t you just love Pinterest? It’s a great way for collecting beautiful, inspiring images of both organizing ideas and lots of other things that visually interesting. These are all great picks that you selected. Of course I’m a huge fan of #9: Janet Barclay’s PO Blog Carnival. She’s awesome and does so much to promote organizers and the industry. There’s something so beautiful about #4: the neatly folded T-shirts. Drooling here. Must be the organizer in me. 🙂

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