Street Food in Bogotá, Colombia: La Perseverancia Food Market

La Perseverancia Food Market has many food vendors from different regions in Colombia. From Pacific coast fish frys, tropical fruit juiced to traditional soups, you will find all the best street food in Bogotá in 1 location. 

La Perseverancia Food Market in Bogotá, Colombia

Sancocho Antioqueño

A hearty soup made with both chicken and bone-in beef, it has yuca, plantains and potatoes.  Sides may include avocado, rice & aji (a hot pepper sauce).

Colombian Bandeja Paisa

A very traditional dish, it has beans & rice topped with a fried egg, chicharron, arepa, avocado and sweet or savoury plantains.

Tropical Fruits & Juices

There are hundreds of tropical fruits in Colombia. Freshly made fruit juice is ver common. Try Ganabana, passion fruit or lulo.

Ajico Soup

Award winning Ajiaco soup can be found in La Perseverancia Food Market in downtown Bogotá. A chicken, potato & corn soup served with avocados & capers.

Colombian Picada

A picada is a platter of finger food including fried plantains, papas criollas, arepas, fried yucca and empanadas.  It will include morsels of BBQ meats.

Fritanga Colombiana

Fritanga is a popular form of barbecue in Colombia. A platter typically includes chorizo, pork sausage, and many other types of meat, along with fried plantains, yucca and roasted corn. 

Arepas del Choco

A sweet, yellow corn version of an arepa, these tend to be filled with cheese and slowlt toasted on a flatiron grill.

Tres Leches Cake

A sweet cake drenched in 3 types of milk: sweet & condensed, evaporated milk & whipping cream. Rich & delicious, Tres Leches is a very traditional dessert.

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