Ultimate Guide to Fruits & Joices of Colombia


This can be very large and prickly its white pulp is sweet with large inedible seeds, used primarily for juice but can be eaten directly.


Usually used for juice, it is sour and has a green and orange pulp with tiny seeds. You can find this as frozen pulp. Can be water or milk-based juice. Very popular in Colombia


Unlike other dragon fruit, it is yellow outside but is white with black seeds on the inside (like other dragon fruit). You eat it directly, juice is not usually made with pitaya.


Brightly colored the firm flesh is the same colour as the skin. Drier in texture – eaten directly as a street food snack.


With a hard rind which you pierce open, you will find translucent, pulpy flesh with black seeds. Pulp and seeds are edible. Eat directly.


Long hard pod with white pulp and large inedible seeds. Sweet and sticky, eat directly


Sweetsop or sugar apple, soft white pulp with inedible pits, can eat directly or with used for juice (related to a cherimoya)

Juices can be made from only fruit juice, with water or milk. Some add sweeten condense milk or raw sugar. These juices are refresing & thirst-quenching

Limon Tahitian

Very small limes (key limes), sour – used for juice, used for cooking


Mangoes come in all sizes from tiny sweet ones that fit in the palm of your had to large meaty ones. Eat directly or make juice once they are very ripe. Green unripe mangoes are eaten with salt as a snack.


Small solid orange pulp ball with a pit. Similar in texture to lychee fruit. Skin is hard and you pierce to expose the fruit. Eat directly.


Blackberries – one of the most popular juices in Colombia, you will find this on every menu. You can have this as water or milk-based beverage.


prickly pear – more of a medicinal plant than a fruit.


Orange unlike our North American oranges, Colombian oranges come in a hue of colours from yellow to light orange to green.

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