What to Sell at a Garage Sale: 20 Easy Items that sell!

1. Hardcover Books

Paperbacks also sell but hardcover books are expensive therefore people love to get a deal on a great book. We asked $2-4 for hardcover books and got that price!

2. Toys

Toys that are in the original packaging is a bonus. Gently used toys that are clean and functioning go fast. Have batteries on had to test toys. Don't sell broken toys

3. Crafts & Scrapbooking

You may have half-used bottles of paint, a hot glue gun, scrapbooking embellishments you will NEVER use or a box of popsicle sticks.  Put those odds and sods into a ziplock bag and sell it as a package deal. 

4. Art

We had a set of 4 pictures on canvas, a friend sold a bigger decorative piece & our neighbour sold s framed Vincent Van Gough poster. Art sells because people love putting things on their wall!

5. CD’s and DVD’s

 The folks that tend to frequent garage sales can be old school sometimes so putting a CD in the car radio or watching a DVD instead of picking a movie ‘on-demand’ is easier.  Vinyl records are also a hot commodity!

6. Power tools

A woman sold a $300 saw for $30. I would have sold it for more but she had the right idea: just get rid of it! Small appliances were also very popular.

7. Video Games

They may not be the latest and greatest but they are playable and waaaaaay cheaper than in retail stores.

8. Video Consoles and controllers

 if you have a Gameboy, DS or console you will find a buyer. Games also sell well. Some are obsolete but that is the appeal to certain gamers.

 Purses, handbags and even knapsacks seem to sell well.   Children's clothes (especially baby & toddler) are always a good bargin!

9. Purses & children's clothes

Once again something that surprised me but I saw all sorts of people walk away with a stool in hand… go figure.

10. Stools or small chairs 

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