Good Eats in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama – Go Because of the Seafood #TBEXhuntsville

Good Eats in Gulf Shores Orange Beach @DownshiftingPRO 1

It was not one of my finest moments but it was likely one of the most honest moments I’ve ever had. We were a group of travel bloggers and freelance writers perusing the menu of one of the finest restaurant in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  I spotted what I had been searching for all week: fresh oysters.  I’d learned to appreciate raw oysters at a young age (and to shun cooked oysters).  Something about the oyster liquor alone or with a kiss of lemon juice, has become for me, a sublime experience.  The temptation to have a full dozen of these beauties was more than I could handle.  “Will you be sharing those?” someone asked as they eyed the huge platter of iced oysters.  “No,” I said calmly but assertively.  There was an audible lull in the conversation. “No, really, I wasn’t planning to.” I wanted every one of these beauties all to myself.  One doesn’t come to the coast without savouring exceptional seafood and this region, located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, did not disappoint. This is the ultimate guide to good eats in Alabama’s Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Update: I have recently returned to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and was able to savoury new dishes and visit newly opened restaurants. All the updated reviews will be highlighted in BLUE. Enjoy more Good Eats in the Gulf Shores!

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The Beara Peninsula – Slow Food, Epic Scenery & Hidden Treasures

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The Beara Peninsula - Slow food, Epic Scenery & Hidden Treasures

Food Tourism in The Beara Peninsula

When you are a closet foodie (maybe not too closeted), you are in foodie heaven when you score a food tour in the Beara Peninsula in Ireland before the start of the TBEX Conference.  TBEX is the Travel Blogger Exchange conference held 2 –  3 times a year in various places around the world.  It brings together travel bloggers, freelance writers, photographers and journalist whose focus is travel – just about anywhere in the world.  It is two days of, networking, workshops and seminars and FAM trips within the region.

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