Was Girona a mysterious location for Game of Thrones?

Was Girona Spain a location for Game of Thrones @DownshiftingPRO

Was Girona a location for Game of Thrones?

Update: Although the HBO series The Game of Thrones ended in 2019, it ran for eight seasons and had 73 episodes. This epic story takes place in many different locations, and the producers shot scenes in a variety of countries. The show was shot in Northern Ireland, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco and Spain.

Most of the episodes with castles, sea villages, and cities were filmed in Croatia, Malta, Morroco and Spain. Whereas the sweeping nature vistas were filmed in Northern Ireland, Canada and Iceland.

If you know the series, in the fifth season, places like the Alcázar of Seville were the stand-in for Sunspear, the sun-kissed Dornish home of the House Martell and the Sand Snakes.  The sixth season, which began filming in July 2015, returned to Spain and filmed in Navarra, Guadalajara, Seville, Almeria, Peniscola and Girona.

The colorful tiered 20th century houses Cases de lOnyar Girona Spain @DownshiftingPRO scaled

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