Girl’s Getaway Press Trips

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You put us in a room together and we do a lot of this: stopping in unexpected locations; ordering local delights; taking pictures of our food and ultimately laughing a lot. Traveling to the Gulf Coast was the third iteration of the Canadian Girl’s Getaway Press Trips. In other press trips, we worked with #VisitFlorida in 2017 and Quebec Maritime & Saguenay/Lac St.Jean in 2018. We are travel media professionals who have built social media assets and an audience organically over more than a decade. In short, we are (experienced) influential travel and lifestyle bloggers who do social – very well.

We take our followers/fans/readers along for the ride and show them what we get to see/eat/experience. We gush over luxury accommodations, challenge ourselves by kayaking in bayous filled with alligators, cook up local dishes in cooking classes, visit unique museums, and savour local dishes and local wines. These experiences are then shared through our social media channel as they happen. We create Instagram stories and highlights to keep the focus on the client.

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We want our followers to read authentic stories of our success and our failures. The hit and misses of one destination at a time as we made our way from New Orleans to Louisiana Northshore, Coastal Mississippi, Mobile and the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

You can read our blog posts on, Thrifty Momma’s Tips, Merry About Town and Daily Dream 360. We bring you to a cooking class in New Orleans, show you the secrets of Coastal Mississippi, provide you with a full itinerary for your trip to The Big Easy and encourage you to rest and relax in Louisiana’s North Shore. Our feeds on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are full of content from our many stops in this 12-day tour of the US Gulf Coast on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Kayaking in Florida

We worked together with five destination marketing organizations (DMO) to put together itineraries in each stop which would showcase the ‘perfect’ girl’s getaway. All stops were two days with an extra day in both New Orleans and the Gulf Shores. This partnership provides these seasoned travel and lifestyle with a tailored press trip experience viewed through four different lenses.

Our FAM trip (or Girl’s Getaway Press Trips ) incorporated both guided food tours, comprehensive museum tours and self-guided options. This collaboration with small and medium-size tourism boards lets us visit areas which may have smaller budgets to host influencers. These well-established Canadian-based blogs are able to generate millions of impressions both in realtime and post-press trip. With their content share cross-promoted on all of their social media platforms, the reach is concentrated and consistent.

For the last three years, I have worked with social media content creators and professional bloggers who have a social media presence on their own platforms but also work as freelance writers and editors to bring their stories to an audience that is hungry for information. Their stories have been featured in both print and on-line but the bulk of the content are in permanent-SEO-building-pageview-generating blogs personal blogs.

Ferme 5 Etoiles Cote Nord Quebec DownshiftingPRO
Quebec Maritime

These social media, professional content creators know how to communicate with an audience through images, videos, blog posts and live broadcasts. Together, we work with DMOs to create content that is shareable, accessible and permanent.

If you would like to discuss putting together a Girl’s Getaway contact Margarita Ibbott ~ We can create marvellous moments for your destination.