SESQUI–A Visual Symphony Celebrating Canada’s 150 #SESQUI2017

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SESQUI2017 #LdnOnt


Ever wonder what makes our nation so great?  It is the natural beauty that surrounds us.  We are the second largest country in the world and we have a huge diversity of people and of landscape.  We are pretty proud of ourselves these days celebrating Canada’s 150 in 2017.  As part of the celebration, you can see SESQUI – celebrating Canada  coast to coast to coast in a  360 degree journey.  Horizon is a 22 minute film that is being shown in an immersive dome, planetarium or VR near you.

SESQUI 2017 #LdnOnt @DownshiftingPRO (3)
Celebrating Canada’s 150

Every province and territory is represented and it shows both urban, rural and remote scenes.  You watch as a heard of Caribou run towards you and then duck around and were mesmerized by the Aurora Borealis in Northern Quebec.  The beluga whales with their baby belugas will have you chanting that famous little ditty that you sang to your babies.  There are throat singers and hip-hop and step dancers, choirs and musicians.  Many were ordinary Canadians that you would see in your local pub, taking in a festival or farming a field.


Photo Credit: SESQUI 2017

The landscapes were composed of old growth trees, mountains and the mammoth boulders that frames Peggy’s Cover.  We watched as the Royal Winnipeg ballet performed in the airport and Margie Gillis danced in the wind with a shawl floating behind her in Sand Banks Provincial Park.  The stream of Haida Gwaii dancer and totem pole carvers.

SESQUI 2017 #LdnOnt @DownshiftingPRO

The film is a seamless presentation of image to image, skipping from one side of the nation to the other.  The sound track was that of music and nature and few words.  It is a celebration of our great nations and it’s worth the wait.

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Horizons will show in London, Ontario from June 29th – July 3. Screening starts at noon until 10 pm – the last show is at 9:40 Thursday – Sunday, Monday 10:00am-7:30pm (more details)
Cost: FREE

Six fixed-dome theatres will also offer screenings of HORIZON on Canada Day, in addition to ticketed screenings throughout the summer. Venues include:


If you are not lucky enough to be in London this weekend, you can also see SESQUI in the following locations:

  • Windsor, July 7 – 11, Municipal Lot 16
  • Sault Ste Marie, July 16 – 20, Station Mall
  • Thunder Bay, July 24 – 28, Intercity Shopping Centre
  • Richmond Hill, August 3 – 7, Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park
  • Kingston, August 11 – 15, Frontenac Lot

My instagram post is a small sample of what you will see in this 22 minute journey.

SESQUI has arrived. Celebrating Canada. #canada150 #sesqui #LdnOnt

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In July, August and September there will also be viewings of Horizon in planetariums throughout Canada.  If there is no screening near you, you can also see the Virtual Reality version.  You can download the VR App MERIDIAN for OSX and Android, for VR platforms including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Users can download the app for free onto their mobile phone via the iTunes Store, Google Play, or the Oculus Store.  If using an iPhone: please search for SESQUI VR or MERIDIAN in the Apple App store. MERIDIAN supports iPhone 5 and above.

We are celebrating Canada’s 150 years as a nation but we are a country with a much longer history.  It is a thrill to see the beauty of our land the depth and breath of talented people that reside here (386 performed in the film).  Make your way down to Budweiser Gardens in London or any of the other locations when then come to an area near you.  But if you can’t, you can always download the VR version.

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