The Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Northern Ireland debuts the latest seasonal costume exhibition

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Whether you are a fan or not, Game of Thrones remains popular in entertainment pop culture. In 2019 after eight seasons and 73 episodes HBO’s mega-hit series, GoT ended. It was so popular a prequel, House of Dragons, started streaming on HBO Max in 2022. Many fans love the series enough to travel the world to see different locations.

Game of Thrones® Downhill Beach Dragonstone master
Aerial image view of Game of Thrones® location, Downhill Beach~Dragonstone Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland

While many of GoT’s recurring sets were filmed at Paint Hall studios in Belfast, the show was largely filmed on-location, primarily in Northern Ireland and Iceland for scenes in the North, and Croatia and Spain for the South (including the Girona Cathedral in Spain).

Girona Cathedral became the Great Sept of Baelor Kings Landing
Girona Cathedral Photo Credit DownshiftingPRO

Game of Thrones fans wiil be pleased to learn that Winter Is Coming: A Stark Family Reunion‘ is a new display that celebrates the first costumes worn by the Winterfell clan when they were seen meeting King Robert Baratheon and his wife Cersei in the courtyard of Winterfell.

The iconic costumes designed by Michele Clapton reflect the character of each Stark family member from Ned’s practical and sombre clothing to Sansa’s simple but elegant blue silk dress.

The autumnal-themed display will later transform as Game of Thrones Studio Tour prepares for winter with the first costume worn by Jon Snow joining the Starks.

Game of Thrones®, Studio Tours, Banbridge, Co. Down - The Armoury
Game of Thrones®, Studio Tours, Banbridge, Co. Down – Winter Stark Display Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland

The display is the latest addition to the world-class attraction that invites visitors to look behind the camera to learn the show’s secrets and admire the skills that combined to make one of the most successful TV series in history.

Located in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, it is the only official Game of Thrones Studio Tour in the world and includes the world’s largest Game of Thrones shop. The tour takes visitors on a journey through the seven kingdoms with authentic sets, including King’s Landing, Dragonstone and the Great Hall of Winterfell, and over 140 costumes from the show together with weapons, jewellery, and the prosthetics used to create the White Walkers and the Night King.

Photo Credit : Game of Thrones, Studio Tour, Bainbridge Co. Winter Stark Display lead
Game of Thrones®, Studio Tours, Banbridge, Co. Down – Green Screen Interactives Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland

In addition to the new Stark family costume exhibit, there are many other Stark artifacts including the sets for Bran’s Chamber and the Crypts, Sansa’s breathtaking coronation gown, Bran’s distinctive wheelchair, and the legendary weaponry such as Arya’s Needle sword, Jon Snow’s Longclaw, and the Catspaw Dagger.

The studio tour also features a number of interactive experiences such as the Hall of Faces, where you can add your face to the macabre collection, and motion capture cameras that enable you to bring characters to life. 

Thanks to Tourism Ireland for the images and information about this unique experience in Northern Ireland.

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